Hi everyone, thanks so much for tuning into High Five Success Stories! My very first podcast interview was exactly two years ago in July 2017. I interviewed MaryFrances McCourt who is the Vice President of Finance & Treasure of the University of Pennsylvania (similar roles as a CFO).  She oversees approximately 265 people over ten major offices and several departments.

MaryFrances’ first podcast conversation with me back in 2017 resonated with a ton of the listeners so I thought it would be super fun to have her back on the show two years later for Round 2. She was podcast episode #1 and now she is podcast episode #44!

MaryFrances and her husband have three children (ages 17, 33, and 35). Mary Frances has been in the corporate world for 35 years so she provides us with valuable lessons that you can apply to your business and everyday life. She talks about the importance of stepping outside your comfort zone, always taking the high road in personal and business life even when it’s difficult to do so, avoiding naysayers, the importance of failure and staying humble, and so much more.

I especially love her little bits of advice such as at the end of emails, she will frequently add “is there anything else I can do to help?” and then if the person does have more for you to do, to respond positively such as saying “absolutely” or “happy to do so!” MaryFrances tells her story in such a  humble and kind manner—she is the best! I hope you all enjoy my conversation with MaryFrances as much as I did!