I am so excited to share my podcast with my uncle, Tony Maginnis: CEO of Global Packaging, where they design and manufacture health and personal hygiene products, household products, food (fresh, frozen, snacks, baked goods), paper goods, pet food and more. Tony is my mom’s little brother (by eight years) and they also have five other amazing siblings!

Tony has had an incredible entrepreneurial journey that I have been wanting to share for so long. After graduating from college, he began his career in the packaging industry in 1980 at his dad’s company (Lincoln Graphics), and then at the age of 28, he decided to take a risk and start his own company (Cage Graphics). Tony started out with $750,000 in sales his first year. Fast forward to today, 40 years later, Tony’s company now has close to $100M in sales, making him a proven leader in the industry.

Throughout our interview, Tony provides us with skills on how to navigate adversity, listening, raising children (he has three awesome kids who are my cousins: Megan, Patrick, and Kevin), taking risks, being a leader, and so much more. And most importantly he gives a tremendous amount of credit to his wife and partner, Eileen! Hope you all enjoy!