Hi everyone! Thanks so much for tuning into the podcast—always grateful for a listen. I’m super excited to share my conversation with my friend Coach Ashley Howard who is the men’s head basketball coach at LaSalle University. This was a really fun one for me because his story connects to past podcast guests Coach Jay Wright and Father Rob Hagan. If you haven’t listened to my podcast with Coach Wright or Father Rob, definitely take the time to tune in. They both were incredible guests. And this was also fun for me because Coach Ash is a family friend! His dad, Mo Howard, coached my brother, Tony Hayden, at St. Joseph’s Prep so we go way back.

Coach Ashley Howard is married to his wife, Arianna, and they have two beautiful children! He was born and raised in Philadelphia where he bounced around from different grade schools and high schools and then landed at Drexel University. He was a standout player at Drexel but unfortunately, his basketball career came to a sudden halt at the end of his sophomore year due to a health condition.

Coach Ash found the silver lining and became a student assistant coach, which was the start of his coaching career. After Drexel, Coach Ash was an assistant at LaSalle then Drexel, Xavier, and then at Villanova under Coach Wright—Coach Ash was a major part of the 2016 and 2018 basketball championship success. After his profound experience under Coach Wright, Coach Ash was offered the head coaching job at LaSalle University just one year ago in April 2018, which was always a dream for him!

So throughout our conversation,  we not only talk about Coach Ash’s successful basketball coaching career but we also talk about the setbacks, the importance of trusting God’s plan, overcoming failure, balancing family life, always remaining humble, the meaning of grit, and so much more. Hope you guys enjoy!

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