I am so excited to share my podcast interview with my friend Caroline Wright Turnipseed who just launched her very own company – CWT Consulting Group! Prior to launching her company, Caroline spent 10 years leading teams in all areas of marketing at a variety of different companies such as Lilly Pulitzer ($250M), Victoria’s Secret ($7B), and Gal Meets Glam ($35M).

After creating a vast network of connections at all three companies and becoming an expert in all things marketing, this past February Caroline decided to launch CWT Consulting Group which is a full-service marketing partner fueling incredible growth for new-to-market and established brand clients. Fun fact: some of her clients include past podcast guests such as Marghi Walters Adzick of Addison Bay, Janie Winchester Paradis of Jane Win Jewelry, and Tuckernuck!  Caroline has incredible grit and a can-do, figure-it-out attitude. I am so excited to continue to watch Caroline grow her company!   

Check out CWT Consulting Group: https://www.cwtconsultinggroup.com/about

Hi everyone! So excited to share my conversation with my friends Pat Croce and Kelly Croce Sorg, my very first father-daughter duo and two of the most humble, kind, and welcoming human beings.

For a quick background, Pat is 64 and—in my opinion—has one of the most remarkable Philadelphia success stories. Pat’s story is inspirational because it is a classic rags-to-riches tale. He started out as a physical therapist and then at the age of 30, he took out a $40,000 loan and launched his own company called Sports Physical Therapists. There, he treated professional athletes and also people from all walks of life. He started a phenomenon, as his business grew into a chain of 40 centers spanning 11 states. In 1993, he sold it for approximately $40M. In 1996, he became President of the Philadelphia 76ers. Note that he used persistence and grit to convince the preceding owner to sell the team to him. Pat said he called him 50 times and even showed up at his house a couple of times. Under Pat’s ownership, the Sixers went from last place in 1996 to the NBA finals in 2001. Pat’s stories from his time as president of the 76ers are incredible. He tells us about how he worked tremendously hard to create a fan-friendly environment and of course we touch on his relationship with the famous Allen Iverson.

Kelly also has her father’s entrepreneurial spirit. She was a huge asset to the team that built Pat’s $10M St. Augusta Pirate and Treasure Museum in 2005, which is now located in St. Augustine, Florida. Today she works at a company called Chairloom, that creatively helps customers with furniture purchases, reupholstery projects, and custom furniture. They are based out of Ardmore, PA but have clients all over the country.

In the 2nd part of our conversation, we take a deep dive into meditation which has become a huge part of both Pat and Kelly’s life. They emphasize how important it is to stay in the present moment—in the NOW. What I really loved the most about my conversation with Pat and Kelly was that they incorporated so many valuable life lessons in their stories. We talked about the importance of curiosity, listening, remaining positive through rejection, stepping outside comfort zones, and so much more.  I hope you enjoy my conversation with Pat and Kelly as much as I did!



“I Feel Great and You Will Too” by Pat Croce

“Lead or Get off Pot: 7 Secrets of a Self Made Leader” by Pat Croce

“110%: 110 Strategies for Feeling Great Every Day” by Pat Croce

“A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life” by Brian Grazer

“The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself” by Michael A. Singer

“The Art of Happiness” by Dalai Lama XIV and Howard C. Cutler




Hi everyone! Super excited to share my conversation with Dr. Kathleen Burke PhD, RN, CENP, FAAN. Her daughter, Katie, is one of my good friends from Penn, so I have only known Dr. Burke as Mrs. Burke (and that is what I will call her out of respect)!

Anyhow, Mrs. Burke has had an outstanding career in the nursing profession over the past 40 years – she has climbed the corporate ladder and now holds several executive positions at the University of Pennsylvania Health System (Corporate Director of the Nursing Professional Development and Innovation, Co-Director of the Continuing Interprofessional Education, Advanced Senior Lecturer at the School of Nursing at Penn, and a Senior Fellow of the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics). She has a tremendous amount of wisdom and advice on how to navigate not only the business world but life in general. Mrs. Burke also tells us the humbling story of when she lost her husband in 2005 to cancer and through this adversity, she is able to offer a profound amount of inspiration, insight, and advice on how to handle losing a loved one. I really loved Mrs. Burke’s story and I hope you do too!

Books Mentioned:

Resilience: Hard-Won Wisdom for Living a Better Life by Eric Greitens

Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey