So excited to share my podcast interview with my friend Allan Domb, one of the most powerful real estate and political leaders in Philadelphia! This was a special one for me because Allan was close to my Dad.

Allan comes from a very humbling upbringing. He grew up in an 800 SF apartment unit with his parents and brother in Fort Lee, NJ. He was constantly finding ways to make money, whether it be a paper route before and after school or shoe shining—he was always hustling. Allan took evening classes at American University in DC and worked full-time as a salesman at Phelps Time Lock Service during the day. After graduating from college in 1977, he was transferred to the company’s Philadelphia office. To make extra money, he decided to sell residential real estate at night time.

As the real estate business became more profitable, he quit his full-time job at Phelps Time Lock Service and opened his own real estate office in 1983. Fast forward almost 40 years, Allan Domb has built a real estate empire in Philadelphia, earning him the title “Philly Condo King.” Not only is he a powerful real estate mogul, but he also shocked Philadelphia when he decided to run for City Councilman in 2015, in which he was elected and then elected again in 2019.

Perhaps he is so well-respected because he has one goal: to make Philadelphia a better place. Allan not only told us about the high points of his career but was also kind enough to share his failures and how important it is to always be resilient!