Hi everyone! Very excited to share my conversation with my friend Christina Mallon. Christina and I are the same age (Christina: 29, me: 30) and we both grew up right outside of Philadelphia, so our social circles overlapped a lot in high school and college. I always remember Christina being very sweet and welcoming!

Christina started losing feeling in her hands and arms around 8 years ago, right after graduating college. She is now completely paralyzed in her hands and arms. She has seen over 400 doctors around the world, but no one can quite figure out what caused Christina to lose complete feeling in her hands and arms. But that has not stopped Christina from living her best life in NYC—she works full time, has become a spokesperson for people with disabilities, has an awesome boyfriend, and is super involved with Open Style Labs, a non-profit that designs clothing for people with disabilities. Open Style Labs has gained national recognition and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, CNN, ABC News and many other platforms.

As always, we get real in this conversation—we talk all about the disability, how she has adapted her daily life with no use of hands and arms, what dating is like with a disability, the frustrations and setbacks she has experienced, how she continues to stay positive, and so much more. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Christina as much as I did!


A Man Search by Meaning by Viktor Frankl


Open Style Lab

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