Hi everybody! I am super excited to share my conversation with Jill Cohen. Jill is married and has two daughters – Maggie (30) and Lizzie (26).  She has had a tremendously impressive and successful career in the book publishing industry, where she focuses on illustrated books for lifestyle design, architecture, fashion and pop culture. Any bet you have some of Jill’s beautiful masterpieces in your home or you have seen some of them in homes you have visited!

Jill has worked at several of the most prestigious publishing houses, holding some of the highest executive titles such as: President at Random House Direct Marketing, President at Conde Naste Books, VP of Business Development at QVC and President at Time Warner Book Group. In 2006, Jill took a leap of faith and started her very own publishing company called Jill Cohen Associates. Throughout our conversation, Jill not only takes us on her 30-year journey in the publishing industry, but also provides us with countless and valuable tactics and skills on how to be successful in the business world. I even told her a couple times that she should write a book on the secrets to success! I hope you enjoy my conversation with Jill as much as I did!

For more information on Jill, check out her website!

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