Welcome to another episode of High Five Success Stories!

This week’s success story comes from my good childhood friend, Liz McKee. Three years out of college, she opened her very own Pilates studio, LSF Pilates, in 2013. Since then she has been running her business successfully. I’ve always heard rave reviews about her studio.

Liz and I go way back to when we were children growing up by the pool. I used to be very timid and shy, but Liz was kind enough to take me under her wing and introduce me to her pool friends.

For all my listeners in Philadelphia, check out LSF Pilates. Her equipment is out of this world! It offers a bunch of different classes including Pilates, Barre and Rebounder for all levels of fitness. The classes are small and provide hands-on, semi-private instruction to safely transform your body. It is located a block from the heart of Wayne, just minutes from major highways.

In this episode we go over her motivations for starting the business, challenges she had to overcome while running the business, people she looks up to, and how gratifying it is to see her clients achieve success.

The thing that resonated with me the most was how important it is to work on things that you love to do. Liz really enjoyed pilates from a young age, and pursued that with a singular focus even after graduating.

Another great thing I learned from Liz was about being the best. She always had that discipline and drive to succeed, which I really admired. Apart from that, she decided to create the best Pilates studio in the region. She used to get inspiration from different places like New York, and offered something better than the rest. In fact, her studio was one of the first in Philadelphia to introduce trampolines.

Lastly, I really liked the concept of executive processing skills. Liz believes that there are two kinds of people. One who know how to make decisions and give orders, and others who work better while following orders. It’s better to know yourself and work accordingly.

I had a great time recording this episode, and I hope you enjoy it too!

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Show notes:

2:42 Just got married.

3:31 How did she start?

6:21 Did she ever think about getting a job?

7:45 Did she ever doubt herself?

9:01 Challenges she faced

10:28 How did the business evolve?

11:16 First one to have trampolines in Philly

11:50 Advice for someone starting

12:50 Any Aha moments in the business

14:50 Skill needed for success

16:18 Pivoting the business

19:00 Pilates are different for every person

21:34 How many times do you need to come in a week?

23:25 Clients achieving success

24:38 How to set yourself apart from the competition

25:49 The future of LSF

28:17 What other sports can we implement with pilates

29:28 Who do you think of as successful?

32:33 Making your bed everyday

34:03 Who do you go to for advice?

35:45 Advice for people

Joanne (Jo) Cloak is the founder of Jofit Apparel. They manufacture women’s golf, tennis and fitness clothing and accessories that look good and are comfortable to wear. They give you the confidence you need while enjoying an active lifestyle.

I personally use their products and love them!

Jo started this company at the age of 43, while being happily married with three children. Fast forward ten years, Jofit is available in 2500 retail stores, numerous country clubs, represents a number of golf teams, and recently opened in two flagship stores – one in California, and the other in Florida.

Jo is a true entrepreneur with a vibrant positive spirit that you’ll find infectious while listening to this podcast.

One of the most incredible things I learned while talking to Jo was how she got started. Despite the naysayers, she sneaked herself into an office, met a manager, got an introduction to a supplier in Hong Kong, flew herself there to find the right materials for her company, and when she finally found the right clothing material (that’s flexible enough for sports and that look good), she launched her company.

Listen to the episode below, and let me know in the comments what was the biggest takeaway for you.

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Show notes

2:45 Correlation between golf and success

3:09 How she came up with the idea

4:45 Next steps to launch the business

6:30 Incredible story of her hustle

9:45 How to deal with Naysayers

13:20 Being optimistic

15:15 Optimism is contagious

15:45 Was there an AHA moment?

17:07 Having a good angel investor

18:50 Advice for mothers looking to launch a business

22:05 What qualities do you look for while hiring?

24:15 How to get noticed in a big company?

31:10 How they design clothes

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the brand new podcast show – High Five Success Stories.

In this podcast, I interview women from all different backgrounds who can offer advice and inspiration to millennial gals.

In my first episode, I’m interviewing my very good friend MaryFrances McCourt. She is currently the VP of Finance and Treasurer at the University of Pennsylvania, and lives a wonderful life.

We cover a lot of different things in this episode from having grit to creating a home / work life balance. One of the biggest take aways for me was the conversation about grit, where we reference Angela Duckworth’s NY Times best seller, “Grit: the Power of passion and Perseverance.”

Another important topic we touched upon was on balancing home and work. She used to have a singular focus while working and always got the job done. When she was at home, she nurtured her children in a way that they got to learn how to take care of themselves.

The last takeaway that I’m definitely going to implement in my life is to “do things that no one is expecting you to do”. When you initially join an organization, some people might not take notice of your work. When you go above and beyond, and do extra work outside of your job description, there is a good chance you WILL get noticed. MaryFrances once prepared the budget of the whole organization, which didn’t result in an immediate promotion. But because of that work, she was eventually able to work directly with the president of the company.

Listen to the episode below, and let me know in the comments what was the biggest takeaway for you.

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Show notes:

3:50 Planning your life

8:42 Focusing on the positive

11:02 Embracing life

12:45 Grit by Angela Duckworth

14:07 Growing yourself everyday

16:29 Every day is a new day

17:45 Push everyday and don’t give up

20:55 Here to learn everyday and be challenged everyday

21:24 Personal values

24:34 Employees are the happiest when they accomplish a goal.

27:48 Just being positive everyday

28:47 Taking the high road

32:55 Life isn’t a zero sum game

33:45 Tell me about a time when you were pumped up at work

36:51 How to manage family and work at the same time for working mothers

42:42 Every mother is doing her best

45:58 Who do you identify as a success?

55:16 Studying for the A-grade



Grit by Angela Duckworth

Good to Great by Jim Collins

Built to Last by Jim Collins