Hi everyone! I am super excited to share my second podcast interview with the amazing sister-duo Lauren Dudley Stephens and Kaki Dudley McGrath, the two co-founders of Dudley Stephens. They launched the company with their iconic flagship Cobble Hill Turtleneck Fleece in 2015 which immediately had success because they are comfortable, timelessly stylish, eco-friendly, durable, and last upon wear.  They have had so much success with their flagship fleeces that they now have expanded the business tremendously by including dresses, pants, outerwear products for men and children and so much more.

Throughout our interview, they take us on their incredible journey over the past 5+ years. They touch on the high points, such as partnering up with Gwyneth Paltrow’s company Goop, being featured in Oprah Magazine, their partnership with Tuckernuck and so many other major milestones.

As always, they also are incredibly humble and down-to-earth and not afraid to share their setbacks, such as how they navigated the impacts of COVID-19. I hope you all enjoy my conversation with these amazing sisters as much as I did!

Dudley Stephens website: https://www.dudley-stephens.com/
Photo credit: Julia D’Agostino | @juliadags | https://juliadags.com/

The second episode of how my past podcast guests have navigated COVID-19 is now live! This episode includes Maureen Doron of Skirt Boutique (1:12), Liz Finegan McKee of LSF Pilates (27:40), Christine and Nick Kondra of Cornerstone Bistro (46:27), Alexa Buckley of Margaux Shoes, and (1:13:47) Joanne Cloack of Jofit (1:35:46).

I had so much fun reconnecting with these past guests and I continue to be blown away by their resiliency and creative responses to COVID-19. Just as a reminder of how these interview series work, each interview is around 20-25 minutes long. I then combine these shorter style interviews into a total of three episodes. The first episode went live on January 5th, 2021, and included Marghi Walters Adzick of Addison Bay, Laura Vandkeram – Time Management Expert, Lisi Lerch of Lisi Lerch Jewelry, Neely and Chloe Burch of Neely & Chloe, and Dr. Foote of Foote Orthodontics. If you haven’t tuned into that episode, definitely do so – they were all amazing!

I also have additional interviews with past podcast guests that I am combining into a third episode which will be released over the next couple of months and I can’t wait to share that episode! Hope you all enjoy!