So excited to share my conversation with my friend Meg Donohue, a USA Today Bestselling Author. This was a super fun podcast for me because not only is Meg a Philadelphia native, but she also is best friends with my cousin Anna Ficken Lesovitz and friends with my sister Patrice Hayden Meagher. Just like me, Meg spends three weeks in Avalon, NJ every — in fact, that’s where we recorded this interview!

Meg was born and raised right outside Philadelphia in Chestnut Hill where she attended Penn Charter and then continued onto Dartmouth for college and Columbia University for grad school. She now resides in San Francisco with her husband and three beautiful young girl ages ten, eight, and five.

Throughout our conversation, Meg tells us all about her journey of how she became a writer of five incredible novels. She writes with warmth and humor about love, hope, family, friendship, loss, and forgiveness. I am not that familiar with this industry so it was super interesting to learn about how each novel comes together.  I hope you enjoy my conversation with Meg as much as I did!


You, Me and the Sea

Every Wild Heart

Dog Crazy

All the Summer Girls

How to Eat a Cupcake

You can check out all of these books on Meg’s website:

I’m super excited to share my podcast conversation with my longtime friend Marghi Walters Adzick! Marghi was born and raised right outside Philadelphia alongside her three older siblings. She went to Penn Charter for high school, where she met her husband Mark Adzick. She then continued on to the University of Virginia where she played lacrosse for four years.

After graduating from UVA, Marghi worked at Lilly Pulitzer in King of Prussia for six years. She truly LOVED her experience at Lilly and was able to develop strong relationships and lifelong skills that she now applies to her own company. Marghi left Lilly in May 2018 to build her own company, Addison Bay, which officially launched in September 2018.

Addison Bay is a clothing company that curates the most fashion-forward and high-performance women’s activewear from across the globe.  It was created for the woman that is constantly on the go, juggling multiple activities—she wants to be comfortable but also fashionable. For instance, I just bought a super comfortable sweatshirt from Addison Bay that can be thrown on before or after a fitness class OR can be worn with jeans or spandex as a cute outfit for running around doing errands or eating lunch with my friends. It’s the sweatshirt that I can literally wear all day long!

So throughout our conversation, Marghi not only tells us about what Addison Bay is but she also was kind enough to share the highs and lows of her entrepreneurial journey over the past year. We also touched her on journey with Mark and their adorable one-year-old daughter, Annie, who was just three months old when Marghi launched Addison Bay! Marghi tells us about the infertility issues she experienced, which was a good reminder to people who may be struggling with the same issues that they aren’t alone. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Marghi as much as I did!


Instagram: @addisonbay