Hi guys! I’m So excited to share my podcast conversation with my friends Tiffani and Chris Beaston, a fantastic husband-wife duo! Chris is 33 and Tiffani is 31. They have been married since 2014 and have three adorable children together, all under the age of four! Tiffani tells us her story of how she built a successful YouTube channel called “Beauty and the Beastons”. It was a ton of fun to also have Chris on the show, given that Tiffani has credited Chris with a lot of the success behind the channel and together, they have built an exploding and thriving business.

Some people (including myself) are unfamiliar with the blogging industry and how you can establish consistent revenue streams. That being said, it was very helpful to listen to Tiffani and Chris explain how they have been able to monetize their Youtube channel through different revenue-generating avenues, such as sponsorships, Google ads, affiliates, and their very own jewelry line. I also LOVE Tiffani’s humbling grassroots story. She was the fifth of seven children and grew up with very modest means. Tiffani’s life aspiration was to become a nurse so she worked her way through college by having two jobs on the side and sure enough, she obtained her nursing degree!

While working full-time as a nurse, she decided to start her own YouTube channel in 2017 as a fun side project.  She had no intention to make money but to simply share her ideas and visions when it came to lifestyle topics that other moms could also benefit and connect with! Although Chris gave her full support, she unfortunately encountered several naysayers. Well, those naysayers were shortly proven wrong because in just 35 days, Tiffani had 20,000 subscribers to her channel. Tiffani’s YouTube channel grew so fast that within six months of starting her channel, she quit her nursing job to do the blogging full-time.

Now over two years later, Tiffani has 300,000 loyal subscribers. Her videos have millions of views! She posts two to four 20-minute videos a week and they focus on all different lifestyle areas, such as morning and night routines with kids, cleaning regimens, dealing with toddlers, pregnancy, cooking, health and fitness, birthday, holiday parties, and so much more. What I love the most about Tiffani and Chris is that even with all of their success over the past two years, they are still extremely grounded, humble, and kind!

Hi everyone, thanks so much for tuning into High Five Success Stories! My very first podcast interview was exactly two years ago in July 2017. I interviewed MaryFrances McCourt who is the Vice President of Finance & Treasure of the University of Pennsylvania (similar roles as a CFO).  She oversees approximately 265 people over ten major offices and several departments.

MaryFrances’ first podcast conversation with me back in 2017 resonated with a ton of the listeners so I thought it would be super fun to have her back on the show two years later for Round 2. She was podcast episode #1 and now she is podcast episode #44!

MaryFrances and her husband have three children (ages 17, 33, and 35). Mary Frances has been in the corporate world for 35 years so she provides us with valuable lessons that you can apply to your business and everyday life. She talks about the importance of stepping outside your comfort zone, always taking the high road in personal and business life even when it’s difficult to do so, avoiding naysayers, the importance of failure and staying humble, and so much more.

I especially love her little bits of advice such as at the end of emails, she will frequently add “is there anything else I can do to help?” and then if the person does have more for you to do, to respond positively such as saying “absolutely” or “happy to do so!” MaryFrances tells her story in such a  humble and kind manner—she is the best! I hope you all enjoy my conversation with MaryFrances as much as I did!